No Personal Vengeance

  Some have mistakenly taken the words of Paul in Romans twelve, verses 19- 21 that men are not to administer punishment upon the evildoer. But it teaches no such thing. God is not unjust in heaping vengeance against evildoers, but rather this teaches the proper ones to administer this justice. We are not to take it upon ourselves to administer justice but those who are in authority are charged with doing that very thing. That is God's will.

  Even in the Old Testament justice was to be administered upon those who did evil but only according to the law. Retaliation and getting even are out-of-bounds for the Christian to individually take vengeance into his own hands. But it is a big mistake not to punish evildoers. Probably one of the major contributing factors to the fearlessness of criminals to continue their crimes is the weakness of government to do what God has charged government to do including punishment of evildoers.