No Private Interpretation

  The Holy Spirit revealed through Peter how the prophecy of the Scripture came. He also added how it did not come (2 Peter 1:20, 21). Good thing He did! Many are confused about the inspiration of Scripture. Deity, through the Holy Spirit, inspired chosen ones to write and reveal God's mind unto man by words from their vocabularies that the Spirit chose. God did not tell some His will and let them "privately interpret" it into writing. That would mean the Scripture is nothing more than what some men thought God meant rather than what God said. .

  To interpret means to get the meaning. There is difference between getting the meaning and giving a meaning. (Too many give a meaning rather than get the meaning). God has given us His Word. What we have is not the meaning some gave it. By study we can get the meaning. The Word we have is not the result of man's private interpretation of God's Word.

  Herein lies the fault with many so-called versions now available. The producers have given us what they think God meant and called it God's Word. I don't want what they think he meant. I can  study to learn what He meant. I want what He said. We have this in the KJV and some others.