No Short Cut to Canaan

  Once Pharaoh consented for Israel to leave Egypt God did not lead them to Canaan the shortest way which would go through Philistine country (Exodus 13) but rather through the Red Sea and the wilderness. Their deliverance is a type of our salvation from sin. The "short" way would not have required their baptism unto Moses in the cloud and the sea (1 Cor. 10:2). But that was not God's way. Some today think they can get to spiritual Canaan by-passing baptism but that is not God's way either.

  It will never cease to be a wonder why men try so hard to obtain the blessings of God their own way rather than faithful obedience to His way. The attitude of too many is that of Jeroboam who tried to persuade Israel that "it is too much" to do what God said do (1 Kings 12:28). He, an early "change agent," devised substitutions for God' way but that was never acceptable. Why should anybody think such things are acceptable now?