Nobody Can Take It From You

  There is not really anything in the world that you possess or control that cannot be taken from you as far as the physical world is concerned. Whether it be money, a good name, health, freedom, you name it and somebody could take it from you by one means or another. But there is something worth far more than anything this paltry world can offer that nobody can take from you. Indeed, you can throw it away yourself if you choose, but it is yours as long as you see fit to retain it.

  That which cannot be stolen is peace of mind and knowledge of salvation because you are faithful in Christ. There are those who will try to destroy you in every way and denounce your faith and conviction. But they cannot succeed unless you allow it. Furthermore, with the providence of God, you can weather whatever obstacles the servants of hell and the enemies of God may throw at you.

  So give God thanks for His bountiful blessings and be grateful you can be His child. That relationship is yours as long as you walk in the light. So just keep walking in the light.