Not a Gospel At All

  The word "gospel" means good news, glad tidings. The reason the teaching of Jesus Christ is "gospel" because it shows man how God has recognized man's sinful condition, loves man, provides forgiveness for man through His Son, and what man must do to benefit from the gracious and merciful offer of salvation.

  Paul wrote to the Galatians that some were teaching a "different" gospel, something that varied from the truth Christ brought. He showed how this "different" gospel was not really a gospel. It was a forgery, fraud, deception and distortion of the true. It could never save anyone.

  We can detect a "different" gospel if we are informed about the true gospel. All the more reason to study the Bible and learn what the Lord has to say. Following the doctrines of men that profess to be "gospel" will only lead to your spiritual destruction.