Not a Problem if Honest

  Most people prefer to be right. Sometimes we are wrong. What should we do when we discover we are wrong? While this poses a tremendous problem to many, it is not problem if one is honest and honestly wants to be right.

  Just reason a bit. If you really want to reach a certain destination but learn you are on the wrong road, what do you do? If you discover you have made an error in your bank account, do you just ignore it and think it will be all right anyway? If you find out some medicine you have been taking is doing you more harm than good, how many more times do you take it? Any intelligent person knows what to do. Illustrations can be multiplied.

  But what do we do when we learn from Scripture we have been wrong about something? Do we just hold to it anyway? Many do just that. It is not only deadly to them, but openly displays they really do not want the truth and are not honest in dealing with it.