Not All for Later

  Most recognize that the greatest benefit of being a Christian is the eventual home in heaven. We have that justified hope (expectation and desire) because of Christ. But there are blessing galore while we live here and now for being a child of God.

  What would you exchange for the knowledge that your sins are forgiven? Would you want to forget God's providence and protection? What of the avenue of prayer? Then there is the promise that whatever happens this day you and God together can handle it. Do we not rejoice in fellowship with Deity and His children? We are promised what we need and that God cares. All of this plus the consolation that what we are doing is right and we have a genuine purpose for living. We can serve God and our fellowman while doing right.

  No price can be placed on happiness, contentment, comfort, peace with God and hope of heaven. All this we have now. Does it pay in this life to be a Christian? Hear the lesson on this subject, Category 12, Lesson 76. You will thank God again you are a Christian.