Not Any Doubt About It

  It is not a comforting thought. In fact, it is most disturbing to realize it. But can there be any doubt in the mind of a honest person that the Bible teaches the reality of punishment after death for some? Few are willing to accept the message of God on this matter. But the same Bible that tells us of heaven also tells us of hell.

  Man does not become guilty of sinfully judging when he declares who the Bible says will be punished. He is not playing God. He is reporting what God has revealed. It is no less disturbing to the messenger than it is his hearers.

  The faithful shall be rewarded. But God does not treat righteousness and unrighteous alike. We do well to learn the lesson as taught in Category 17, Lesson 100, "Hell and Who is Going There." Upsetting as it is, it is God's truth and revealed so we can avoid punishment and be rewarded.