Not Difficult to Determine

  When the President of the United States seeks to appoint to a high position in the Justice Department a man who advocates pornography and has sought to remove laws restricting it, then you can tell what kind of mind-set this deranged tyrant really has. This same proposed appointee is a big Playboy type piece of human scum.

  When this same ego-maniac who presently occupies the Oval Office  boasts of teaching his young daughters about "same-sex marriage" being acceptable then you can easily determine how vulgar is this man's perception of decency. When he advocates teaching the humanistic approach to sex education to even those in kindergarten then you get the idea that the thinking of this unfortunate tragedy on the American scene is about a low-down and morally filthy as they come.

  This Chicago-type thug does not belong at the head of our nation. He should be returned to the cesspool from which he emerged.