Not For Muslims

  America has been a nation of freedom of religion and speech. Protestants, most Catholics, Jews, and certainly true Christians advocate such a position of tolerance. We disagree but agree that everyone has the freedom of religion without molestation. But this freedom should not be granted to atheists and Muslims. Why? Because they do not believe in freedom of religion and speech except for themselves. They use freedom of religion to push their agenda which would deny freedom of religion to others. Everywhere they dominate there is no freedom of religion.

  The brain dead council of New York approved the building of a Muslim mosque near where Muslims killed 3,000 Americans. Muslims cried, "Freedom of religion." But their goal is an Islamic America which would terminate freedom of religion for all except Muslims. Atheists, like the damnable ACLU, deny freedom of religion and seek to destroy it everywhere they can. Therefore, they deserve no such freedom. They must be stopped whatever way it takes.