Not For Today

  John the Baptist could not get away with preaching God's law regarding marriage today because too many want it some other way. Many churches, even some who are misidentified as a church of Christ, will not allow the truth to be told because too many adulterers are in the pews,  the elders want their money and the preacher wants their praise. So they all flip along the path to hell together as happy as if they had good sense.

  John did not get away with it in his day either, did he? He paid a stiff price for standing by what God declared. His head was cut off. And this was before Muslims.

  Some are so deranged that they think when a majority of people want to follow a certain path that the path suddenly becomes the right one. But it matters not what men do as far as determining God's will. Only the Scripture determines that. Having a sex partner is going cause many to miss heaven even in what the stupidity of government may call a marriage.