Not For Us To Know Yet

  It is the desire and expectation of every Christian to be in heaven with God and all the redeemed of every age for eternity. Just exactly how to describe that environment is beyond our ability because of limited revelation concerning it.

  People wonder what awaits them beyond the grave. We cannot know in detail just yet but someday we shall know. It is inescapable that we all shall know and specifically. The same inspired book that tells of our origin tells of our destiny.

  God gives us the power to choose whether we shall be in heaven or hell. He has provided the way to heaven. He has taught us the way to heaven. He persuades us to go that way. But the bottom line is we each must make the choice.

  While there is much we cannot know just yet, we know we shall know and we know we must decide. Let us abide in His will and make sure that heaven will be our home.