Not Like Others

  The proud Pharisee thanked God he was not like others. But he was like others in that he, too, was guilty of sin. He was so self-righteous. But there is a sense in which we can be so glad we are not like others. That is because we are Christians. It is because we are so blessed.

  When I consider the hard lot in life that so many have, and compare it to the bounty which God has given me, how can I not be glad, and humbly thankful, that I am not like others? It is not because I deserve better, but because I am blessed more. Spiritual blessings and physical provisions are mine. They come from the hand of God. May the Lord help me to ever realize the source of my blessings.

  Today might be a good day to spend a few moments hearing the lesson entitled "Our Blessings" that can be heard on this web site, Category 12, Lesson 753. We do well to "count our many blessings" and when we do we shall be glad we are not like many others who are not so blessed.