Not Reasons (Plural)

  There are not "reasons" that God approves of divorce. He hates "putting away" (Mal. 2: 16). Divorce is wrong (Matt. 19: 6). There is only one reason God will allow it. God's Word, not civil courts, determines who is married and who is not. If one should take another mate and the cause of the "putting away" is not fornication,  the new couple is not acceptably married before God but live in adultery  (Matt. 19: 1- 9). That settles the matter for those who respect the Word of God. One can be "married" or "divorced" as far as the civil law is concerned but not before God. Civil law allows what God does not.

  The Lord's design for marriage is quite simple and plain. Marriage is between one man and one woman so long as they both shall live with only one reason that allows the dissolution of the marriage and that reason is fornication. Those guilty of fornication have no right to take another mate. Not until people accept God's will can the problems of the home ever be corrected.