Not Talking about Them

  The Biblical prophets were not talking about the present-day nation called Israel. They addressed the chosen nation through which the Savior was to come. The prophecies about captivity, their return, their demise, their scattering had to do with a nation that no longer exists. In fact, it cannot exist ever again.

  The present Israel may well have many descendants of ancient Israel in its population, but the Israelite nation today is not the Israelite nation of yesteryear. They are not God's chosen people.

  It is pathetic how many are so ignorant of the Bible that they read passages about Israel and immediately apply them to today's Israel. No wonder things are so messed up there. Among those so stupidly making the false application are Protestant groups who preach a literal kingdom of Christ on earth for 1,000 years. The whole doctrine is cock-eyed because the Bible is not talking about present-day Israel.