Not That New

  If it's new it's good, some think. If it's old it's bad. A "new" heresy among brethren has to do with getting the meaning of Scripture. Some have become "educated" in the theories and philosophies of men and think we need a new approach to the Bible. We need a way to agree to disagree and call it unity; New Hermeneutics. Nothing new about it. It is heresy.

  The idea is that we take not what the Bible says but whatever we decide it might mean. You take your meaning and I'll take mine and we will agree to accept whatever the other says along with our own meaning. Sound ridiculous? Certainly! That is because it is.  We need truth more than unity and the Bible is not open to whatever men want it to teach. We must learn to accept what it teaches.

  To think that schools once called "Christian" now are saturated with teaches who "think" like that is terrible. We need Christ; not these self-proclaimed "scholars" who drink from the cisterns of false ways.