Not the Holy Spirit?

  If you are a serious Bible student you are aware of the promise Jesus made that God would send the Holy Spirit to them after Jesus ascended who would bring to their remembrance what Jesus had taught, guide them into all truth and testify of Christ. The Holy Spirit was called the Comforter. But if that is what you have thought, the Muslims would have you think differently. Jesus was not speaking of the coming of the Holy Spirit, they say, but of the "prophet" Mohammed. Can you imagine that?

  That illiterate, immoral, murdering, multi-married degenerate came 500 years after Christ and the apostles. Jesus said the Comforter would come to the apostles. Mohammed was about 500 years too late to be the Comforter of whom Jesus spoke.

  This is just one of a multitude of blasphemous contentions found in the Koran-based political-religious system of Islam that seeks to dominate the world through force. Islam is an enemy of God. We better know it!