Not the Lord's Idea of Unity

  In our world today it is not considered politically expedient to ever criticize or take issue with anybody except those who believe the Bible. Believers are always fair game for accusations and ridicule. But many religious people think it terrible to criticize denominationalism. But why not? It is wrong.

  Is the system of denominationalism the unity for which Christ prayed? Certainly not! In fact, it is contradictory to the unity of the Lord's will. The denominations exist without Biblical authority, not a one of them is mentioned in the New Testament, and the disparity between themselves and with the Bible is glaring. How can anybody look with favor on that?

  A person can be a Christian and never join a denomination. In fact, Christians are not members of denominations unless they have apostatized. To some this is harsh and self-righteous. But it is neither. It is like Biblical teaching and that is never wrong.