Not the Real Cause

  We just read the report that burglaries are on the rise in this sinful nation's capital city. Probably there are more cri8minals in that city than anywhere on earth, many of them living off the government either as leeches or office holders .Just look at the element who dominate. They said it is caused by the economic difficulties presently upon us. What are shameful distortion of the truth!

  Stealing is because those who are guilty have no sense of morality and decency. It is because they are parasites who bleed other people rather than work for their living. It is because they want more money for more drugs to continue their American degenerate lifestyle. Nobody ever thinks that crime is because there are criminals. They always try to blame it on something else.

  But God's way is irrelevant. It won't work. "Thou shalt not steal" is outlawed by this hell-bent government. The way to stop theft is to raise taxes, give more money to trash, refuse to enforce the law and blame it on trifles. How long before such a system meets its doom!