Not the Report He Wanted

  His son, Absalom, had attempted to seize his throne, but David still did not want harm to come to his son. He instructed his army not to harm him. David waited for news from the field of battle how things went. His concern was not who won, how many lost their lives, would he regain his throne, but the safety of Absalom. The report was, "Would that all the enemies of David were as Absalom." No, Absalom was not safe but was buried beneath a pile of stones deep in the forest of Ephraim.

  When you review the relationship of David and Absalom you readily see that Absalom was never safe partly because of the neglect and lack of proper guidance by his father. David's mother was of a heathen people; he was not disciplined when he did wrong; he was allowed to abuse his privileges. He had many strikes against him throughout his life. While he was responsible for his behavior, he was also a victim of parental neglect.

  How many children are like Absalom? How many parents are like David?