Not the Way on Which Christians Rely

  Christians seek a better world by the conversion of the hearts of people to the way of salvation in Christ. Actually, there is no other way. But some seem to think they can look to government to make things better. Some look to government for everything. Can government be trusted? When was that ever something upon which you could depend?

  Government has become a enemy of Christ y promoting every vice imaginable. No political party can be trusted on anything because there is no evidence that the welfare of the nation of primary. Power, fame, riches: these are their gods and the nation suffers at their hands.

  Christians do not support evolution,  homosexuality, abortion, same-sex marriage, etc. Neither major party can be depended upon to oppose such things. One is far more anti-Christ than the other. But who can trust either?

  Christians, we must preach the gospel and seek salvation of the souls of people. Christ is the answer. Not some two-bit self-serving egotist that uses the government to promote self. Too long Christians have slept and gone along with politicians. God help us to see how foolish that is.