Nothing Doubting

  Acts 11:12, "And the Spirit bade me to go with them, nothing doubting." Peter was reporting on his visit to the house of Cornelius, a Gentile. He tells them of instructions he received regarding the messengers Cornelius had sent to bring Peter to him. This was no small matter for Peter to obey seeing the history of the relationship of Gentiles and Jews. Until this time the gospel had only been preached to Jews and Samaritans. Peter did not fully appreciate the universal nature of the gospel.

  But when instructed to go with these men Peter went, "Nothing doubting." He was confident he was doing what God wanted when he took the gospel to the Gentiles. His unreserved obedience is something notable to behold and worthy of imitation. When God teaches us in His word, we can believe whatever He says, "Nothing doubting."