Nothing Like "Friends"

  When David was being pursued by Saul his whereabouts was often betrayed by some of the citizens of the country. Among those who did this were the Ziphites (1 Samuel 23: 14; 26: 1). Just why they chose to befriend Saul and betray David we are not informed. Their homeland was in the territorial area of the tribe of Judah and one would think that would tilt their loyalty to David who was also of Judah. But not this time.

  Whatever was their motive their actions made life more difficult for David. Fortunately he was sufficiently wise not to rely upon others but to depend on God. If he had not done this he would likely not have survived the many attempts to take his life.

  Some pretend to be friends but they have ulterior motives. They seek to be with those they think will win. One can never be too cautious concerning those on whom he relies.