Nothing Modern About It

  In recent studies again of Modernism it is certain that the contentions and denials of Modernism are anything but modern. A cell phone is modern. Computers are modern (even though some have become obsolete). Many new inventions appear on the market every month that never existed previously. They are modern. But the critics and blasphemers of the Bible, however they would like for you to think they are people of great wisdom and recent discovery, never say anything that has not been said and refuted many times previously. They are not near as smart as they claim. They are rehashing old stuff that you can read from yesterday and also read where men of faith have shown how foolish the critics are.

  In light of the barrage of ignorant and biased anti-God, anti-Bible nonsense being thrown about today, you would do yourself a favor to acquaint yourself with the foolishness of men and see how God's Word "takes off their wheels."

  One thing still is puzzling. Why to people of some intellect persist in showing themselves fools by trying to present themselves to be so much smarter than God? Modernism is as old as the lies of the devil. And why do people credit the nonsense of modernists to have validity?