Nothing New but Just as Wrong

  There is to be a TV program over PBS (by public financed anti-God propagandists) when "experts and specialists" claim the Bible was written by hundreds of people in the 6th century BC, Abraham and Sarah never existed, The Exodus never happened, and the Israelites were really Canaanites, etc. etc. Nothing new about this baloney. Just the continual stream of down-with-the-Bible "scholarship by "wise" men of our day.

  But actually these wise men, rather than being from Duke and other places, actually are from Scandinavia and their discoveries are plagiarized from a Sears-Roebuck catalog of 1807 (pajama section) and produced today as something new. What evidence do I have to prove this? Evidence? Who needs evidence? I am pretending to be an expert. All you need is what I say because I say it. That's sufficient. Now, "Curse God and die."