Nothing Without Him

  Jesus taught the Parable of the Sower. We know how seed fell on various kinds of soil. The results varied according to the kind of soil. In three instances the ultimate result was that there was no product. Only the seed which fell on good ground produced anything and that in varying amounts.

  But do not overlook something so essential. That is the sower. Without him doing his work nothing would be produced by the seed even from good ground.

  The seed represents the word of God and the kinds of soil represent different kinds of hearts upon which the word fell. We are sorry some soil failed so miserably. We are glad the good soil produced even though not all just alike.

  But are we not extra glad that the sower of the seed, the teacher of the Word, was busy doing his job? Without him, nothing would have produced anywhere. Remember that song that asks, "Are you sowing the seed of the kingdom, brother?"