Now, Nature Take Her Course

  The report was that the surgeon performed a delicate operation with students observing his skilful moves. When completed he told the students, "Two years ago a simply operation would have taken care of this problem. If good advice given six years earlier had been followed the problem could have been prevented. But now we have done the best we can and all we can and nature will take her course." In two days the patient died.

  Such is the result of the folly of delay. If something needs to be done now, then NOW is the time to do it. It may mean contacting a friend, doing a service, performing a duty, obeying a divine command. Whatever it may be, today is the time because that is the only time we have.

  Ananias asked Saul, "Why tarriest thou?" Fortunately, Saul did not tarry obeying the gospel once the opportunity was opened to him. But many delay, die lost and it did not have been that way. What of you, friend?