Obey the Law

  Christians are taught to obey the laws of the land. (Romans 13) except when it demands them to disobey the law of God (Acts 5: 29). This makes you wonder how many illegal immigrants claim to be Christians while deliberately disobeying the law. It makes you wonder further how many Christians who make money off of known law violators will be singing and praying in the pews today. Some people just do not have a conscience when it comes to being hypocritical and two-faced.

  But what is equally disgusting is how many so-called Christians will endorse and support people, parties, programs and various efforts that encourage the violation of the laws of the land. They will read the Scriptures from the pulpit and then vote to retain those who defy it. It is not only evident in illegal immigration but also abortion, homosexuality, lying under oath, whatever they wish to do they do it and Christ can just be pushed aside. Could it be that their loyalty to political party and the making of money really comes before their commitment to Christ?

  When people put Christ on the shelf and defy His will they have no rightful claim as a faithful child of God.