Often Neglected

  Daily Christianity involves concern for the lost. There is a song that has a verse, "Lead me to some soul today." Jesus said, "I sat daily with you in the temple" (Matthew 26:55). He taught someone every day. The early church was active in winning souls daily and souls were added to the saved daily (Acts 2:47). We often hear brethren pray that we show our concern for the lost and that we will learn so we can teach another. We need to do what we say.

  Today we often seem too busy with many matters to involve ourselves in talking to others about salvation. We talk about the weather, politics, games, finances, the world's conditions, but seldom if ever a word about the Lord, His church, salvation and things that really matter. Paul said, "I ceased not to warn you night and day with tears" (Acts 20:31). Doing this is a part of daily Christianity. Why not speak to someone about obeying the gospel today?