OK, Smarty! Where is Sodom?

  While the low-life of America shouts praises for the dictatorial ruling of four filthy judges in California, and applaud wildly when Ellen Degenerate announces she will "marry" her partner in sin, somebody needs to ask, "And where is Sodom? They carried on like that also."

  The "brave" politicians live up to their weak and insipid hypocrisy by saying they oppose homosexuality and "same sex marriage," but do not support laws that prohibit it. All right! What about supporting the Constitution that gives people right to vote on such things and have their decisions respected by the scum that sits on the bench?

  Regardless of California, the homosexual perverts, the creepy politicians, and immoral American public, sin is sin and unless sinners repent and cease their sin God tells us what is their destiny. And I believe Him before I do the ACLU cesspool.