On the Table

  I heard the left wing socialist Democrat candidate for President say the other day when questions were being raised about his very doubtful ability or determination to defend America against her enemies, "I have never taken military action off the table." AND THAT IS SUPPOSED TO MAKE ME FEEL CONFIDENT?

  I remember as a child that Mother always had black pepper on the table. I NEVER USED IT; HAD NO INTENTION OF USING IT; WAS VERY NEGATIVE TOWARD USING IT! Just because it's on the table does not mean this man who seeks to reduce our military ability by cutting everything back on the military, and who seeks to overwhelm our enemies with his charisma, and who has repeatedly shown his contempt for the military will defend us. He is a compromiser, cut-an-run traitor and talks so most stupid Americans will vote for him (and those who do are stupid).

  Best you remember! We are free because of our military. Take his line and there goes our freedom!