On Whom We Can Rely

  I have lived in America over eighty years. I think there was always somebody in public life on whom I could rely to tell the truth. Today, I cannot think of one. Neither prominent political party has a truthful spokesman. No media person, conservative or liberal, can you depend for the truth without it being twisted and slanted. With communism, Islam, humanism, every kind of vice being promoted as acceptable, there simply is not anybody I can count on to tell the truth. I would like to think schools and religious teachers would be different but most of them are about sectarian and corrupt, money grabbing as the next. Churches usually stand for nothing today and therefore stand for most anything. So it goes across society. To find something solid in America you have to look around the edges because it shows itself rotten to the core.

  But I know the WORD of God is true and God is faithful to His Word. And it will endure to the end. There is no contest in my mind on whom to rely in this surge of Satanic sinister sinfulness of our nation. I just hope I can persuaded a few others to think the same before God wipes us away.