Once Again With Courtesy

  A similar note was included in DAILY NOTES a couple of years ago and it helped some. The response received from DAILY NOTES has been so much more than I ever anticipated even though it still must rank among the small web sites. Not everyone agrees with what I write and do you think I expect everybody will? Many obviously concur and quite heartily. But then there are some...

  I do not open every Email when I don't know where it is coming from because we are warned so many "bugs" are put out by unscrupulous people to try to disrupt you computer. So if I do not open some response it is because I don't know you. Trust you? C'mon! I am not that stupid. Most people could count on one hand people they can really trust. I do take two hands.

  But the nasty, ugly, sensual, violent things some say only betrays what morbid people they are. Of course, that doesn't fit you. But it does some. I get tricked now and again. But I am learning what to open and what to delete. I would not be surprised if you do the same thing.