The One Gospel in Acts

  Sometimes some people will speak of "the four gospels" with reference to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. We may as well get it right. There are not four gospels, but one gospel. There are four accounts of things done to show Jesus is the Christ. There is but the one way of salvation and that is what the gospel is; God's revelation to man what He has done to save us and what He expects of us to benefit from what has done (Rom. 1:16).

  The gospel is also found in Acts. In fact, the entire New Testament is the gospel of Christ; His doctrine. The book of Acts follows on the heels of what is called the Great Commission to preach it to all the world. Acts tells us of the early Christians doing exactly that. It tells what they preached and the reactions to it.

  When we hear, believe and obey what they in they did in those days we shall be what they were and they were Christians. They had God's promises. So shall we.