One of His Purposes

  There were several important goals that Jesus had in mind when He performed His miracles. We know that He did what He did so that we would believe that He is the Son of God and have salvation (John 20: 30, 31). It is evident that His miracles demonstrated His divine power and that also was convincing of His identity as the Son of God (John 3).

  But one of His purposes was to demonstrate a characteristic we all should strive to develop. It is a characteristic that seems to be so lacking in our world. He would do His good deeds because He had compassion on those who were less fortunate. Can we doubt that we should have this same quality? Has not God told us to be mindful of such people?

  We cannot perform a miracle to help others, but we can do good deeds and render help to those around us. Would not that be letting our light shine to the glory of God?