One Person Can Ruin It All

  It is so important that EVERY member of the congregation be what they ought to be. It just takes one, man or woman, to destroy the peace and harmony of the fellowship. Certainly a few can do great damage. We must be sure that we never be one of those disturbers of the Lord's church. Most of the time it is because of some opinionated hardhead who must have his way. Sometimes overt sin raises its head and blasts the church.

  The other day I noticed how one person can ruin things watching a football game. Most of the team was playing fairly well. But, unfortunately, one running back kept fumbling the ball nearly every time he got it. Of course, the opposing team took advantage of that and soon the score was overwhelming. One man! Not the entire team! Just one man!.

  Now this player did not intend to mess things up. He usually plays quite well. But it shows how one person out of line and failing in his duty can hurt things for everybody. In a ball game, you can live with it. In the church, it can cause eternal damage.