One Who Ridicules the Bible

  One aspirant to the Presidency of America ridicules the Bible. He scoffs at teaching in the Old Testament and New Testament primarily because he supports Black Theology (which is Marxism) and is woefully ignorant of the Scriptures. Having lived for two decades in a church that distorts Christianity in favor of communism he has no concept of what the Bible teaches about much of anything. He is an enemy of God because he is an enemy of God's Word even as he piously expresses in two-faced fashion that he is a Christian. Actually he is pro-Islam having been schooled in that religion in his youth.

  No Christian will ridicule the Bible nor support one who does. Only a liberal hypocrite who loyalty is to a political party more than Christ will give support to such a candidate and still claim to be a Christian. But some will do that very thing even placing their souls in jeopardy by doing so.