Only on God

  There is no doubt whatsoever that Islam is a menace and threat to freedom,  human dignity and our very lives. Everyday we hear and read of more and more inhumane activities by Muslims all over the world, not just against America. To contend that Islam is a religion of peace is like saying a rattlesnake it a good pet for a child. It does not make sense and is not true.

  There is no leader in the free world that seems to have the backbone it takes to defend our freedoms. Nobody of either major political party in any of the three branches of government can be trusted. When we see degeneracy spreading across our nation throughout the population it provokes misgivings about our future.

  We cannot depend on the government, riches, "scholars," clergymen, military or any other for our preservation. We must depend upon God's providence if we are to survive. How He will handle things I do not know. The law of sowing and reaping ought to disturb us seeing how the nation abuses every decency.