Only Part of the Story

  It is amusing if it were not so serious to hear the politicians spew out their pandering on the "issues" before the country. Some denounce action in Iraq as a lost cause even as America wins. Some blame oil companies for the gas shortage even as they block more production. Some even blame others for their heavy debts they never should have undertaken and wait for a government bail out. Some claim global warming but never tell you of the areas of the globe that have had record cold seasons. The news only gives you part of the story; the part they want and not the whole truth.

  Religious teachers act the same way. They will tell you there is a God but deny the true God. They will contend for the need of salvation and preach faith only without obedience. They try to blame God for every problem that sinful men cause. It is tragic how ridiculous people can get.

  Paul preached the whole counsel of God. So must we. Probably most will be upset at us when we do. But who do we seek to please?