When Nehemiah was doing the work of the Lord he had enemies who contrived every means to bring him down. Failing in previous efforts they proposed for Nehemiah to meet with them at Ono to discuss their differences. Nehemiah refused. Why?

  First, he was busy doing what ought to be done. Second, these people and their allies had proven themselves deceitful and had sought his hurt several times. They were not to be trusted. Having betrayed him and stabbed him in the back previously, why should he grant them audience? He had done them no injury as they had done to him. So he continued his work and left them alone to sulk in their sinfulness.

  There are times when people of good faith can work out their differences. But when one side has a track record to simply do harm, there is no profit in talking. You only give your enemies another shot at you to waste time with them.. There comes a time to shake dust, quit casting pearls, and leave them alone.