The Other Bump

  Some years ago I wrote an article about "two big bumps" in the road I have encountered in preaching. The second one I mentioned is reprinted below.

"The other frustrating problem is when brethren who stand for the same things, teach the same doctrine of truth, oppose the same liberal errors, but have a falling out with each other. Bad as that is, it does not stop there. They expect others to "line up" with them in their squabbles. And if you do not choose sides, you are no longer worthy of their friendship either, at least they hold you at a distance. Sometimes brethren fall out over matters about which those not involved could never in a thousand years know with certainty all the sources of their problems. But still some demand you support them or else. If you do not, you can sure they will let you know in one way or another that they are down on you. If you try to get them together, you often get both sides against you. This is not uncommon. But it does cause the heart to suffer.

"In either case, such things ought not ever be. I am not just wanting their acceptance. I can live without that, even though I once enjoyed it. But such things hurt the cause of Christ and will destroy souls in hell. That bothers me."