Our Children and the State

  As unbelievable as it seems in this nation of so-called freedom, there are prominent politicians who believe our children belong to the state, that it takes the "community" to rear them, and parental rights are secondary to social services who have elected themselves as gods. Almost daily we read of where government has invaded homes to demand children be given into government custody because of health, education or other reasons.

  There are parents who neglect their children. But is that reason enough for everybody to surrender to this humanistic governmental horde who want to dictate everything to everybody else? We say not. Children belong to parents, not some dim-brained government bureaucrat who has gradated from some atheistic school.

  Time may soon come when parents will have to literally fight for their and protect them from a government gone crazy with obscene power. Americans had better be aroused and oppose aspirants for power that would even steal their children.