Our Greatest Blessings

  Our greatest blessings are spiritual. We are so grateful for family, friends, health, provisions for life, life itself, light, truth and on and on can we note our blessings. But Christ, the way of eternal salvation, the hope of glory, is man's greatest benefit.

  His life is an example for us to follow. His Word is our guide on our journey toward eternity. His atoning blood is provided for the cleansing of our sin-stained souls. Got, through Christ, is the means of our salvation. This is a majestic thought that finds place in our thinking today.

  What a glorious opportunity for us to be Christians. Here we find purpose for living, a goal to reach, how to behave while here, and where we are going. His resurrection promises us that there is life after this one and we can exist in heaven with God and all the redeemed. Can you think of anything that surpasses this blessing?