Our Most Sinister Enemy

  America has enemies near and far. North Korea, Russia, China, Al Queda, Chavez, Castro, Putin, the Muslims, the list goes on and on. But these are outside forces that can be overcome if we had a government that believed in our nation, the Constitution and America's historic principles. But our present federal government, executive, legislative and judicial have forsaken the American way. Our worst enemies are the President, Congress, and liberal judges who ignore the law. Hollywood, the media and schools are anti-God and hate Christianity.

  This concerns the Christian in America because our Constitution calls for free speech, freedom of religion, the dignity of human life and morality. None of these are respected by the present powers. Christians are interested in secular matters because it affects life. But they are more concerned about the burial of religious and ethical teaching and the conduct of society because that is spiritual. The devil has his way in America and our "leaders" are leaders of Satanic destruction of a once good nation. Pray that God will overturn these despots.