Parents! Beware!

  A large book could be produced of the things where parents must beware. This will focus on just one, but a deadly one. The day comes when you send your child off to school. From kindergarten all the way through your child will be under the influence of those who pose as teachers, many of whom consider it their duty to destroy faith in God and bring about a socialistic society. If you deny this your child is sure to suffer.

  When the day comes for your child to enter college you can be certain the overwhelming majority of large schools, state schools, rich private schools are not in the business of education but indoctrination in the humanistic philosophy. This is the menu they have swallowed and the menu they serve. Close your eyes to this reality and send your child to college and as sure as you live you are sending them to hell unless you stay alert and guide them otherwise. Many colleges have become God's enemy.