Parents Must Warn and Guard

  It is the responsibility of parents to warn their young and guard them against the vile and viciously wicked things being promoted in our nation by entertainers, schools, government, media, just about every arena of activity. Christian parents will be doing their best to do their job for the welfare of their children.

  It is a disturbing factor that the incoming administration has catered to the lower levels of degeneracy by promoting and condoning homosexuality, having a vile homosexual "lead a prayer," changing rules that accommodate these perverts. The incoming president has already shown he will lead the nation into more serious moral depravity because that is his nature. He is concerned for himself and smiles on every evil practice that exists if it expands his deranged power..

  May God overrule his plans to their destruction and the salvation of the freedom and decency remaining the nation. No Christian can be loyal to such a bunch of degenerates as what we see taking power.