Part of the Problem

  It is not the total reason but certainly a part of the reason for the ignorance of the Lord is the way some people, even so-called preachers, approach the subject of Christ. Some want to tell "what Jesus means to me." Is that what we are taught to preach? I do not find that in the Scriptures. We are taught to preach and teach who and WHAT JESUS MEANS, not what somebody might think about Him.

  There probably are as many attitudes toward Christ as there are people. You could hear people talk about "what Jesus means to me" all day long and maybe not find out much of anything about the revealed Christ. Men's attitudes are not the subject of our message. WHAT JESUS MEANS would be a better topic rather than some "testimony" from somebody.

  Only if and when people learn about the real Christ just as the Bible teaches will they come to believe what needs to be believed. Who cares "what Jesus means to me" if it is not the same as WHAT JESUS MEANS?