Parting of the Waters

  Knowing the events recorded in the Bible helps us to put the message together, doesn't it? For instance, most readily recall the parting of the Red Sea for Israel to leave Egypt. Then again, some forty years later the parted waters of the Jordan River allowed Israel to cross over into Canaan. But can you recall two other times waters were parted?

  They were in relation to Elijah and Elisha and the time Elijah was taken up in the chariot of fire and his mantle given to Elisha. Together they crossed Jordan on dry land and after Elijah was taken up Elisha returned and the waters parted for him also. This was a sign to Israel that Elisha was God's prophet now that the more notable Elijah was gone. Go and read about this in Second Kings chapter two verses eight and fourteen. It was a very significant event in the history of Israel and God's prophets.