Peace, Be Still

  While studying from the book of Mark recently I came across one observation one commentator made that I had never considered before that makes a great deal of sense. In the fourth chapter we read of the time Christ calmed the great storm that endangered the lives of the disciples with Him. When awakened He said, "Peace, be still." We usually think He only meant to calm the sea. Could there have been much more intended?

  Consider He also said, "Why are ye so fearful? how is it that ye have no faith?" Could He not have also intended for the apostles to be calm, be at peace, without fear as well as the roaring sea to be calmed? Doubtless the sea was the object of His words. But it was also needful for the disciples to also be at peace. Do we not have this same need in the times of turbulence in this life? The words, "Peace, be still," make good advice.