Peculiar Definition

  Most people have no more idea than a dead donkey as to the definition of a Christian. Anything anybody wants to call "Christian" is accepted by the Biblically ignorant and close-minded. Just how people get the idea they can assign the name of Christ to whatever they see fit is unexplainable except it reflects their arrogance and defiance of the Word of God.

  If you really want to know who is a Christian consult the Bible. That's the only place you can discover it. Some have been heard to define a Christian in terms of many evil things not done. The same could be said of a fence post. Some point to the ridiculous definitions of so-called "historians" and religious empty heads. Even the Crusades are called Christian. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  Denominationalists like to seize the name Christian but where is their respect for what Christ taught? They follow human religions. Peculiar definitions have always existed and will continue. Will you be deceived?